Vehicles refer to geoloacalised vehicles (vehicles like bike, cars, etc.) but also to stations (virtual or not)
To query vehicles, see vehicles query.

All Providers implemente the vehicle interface and some also the station interface.

Let's see how to use it.

Get vehicles

The most simple query.
It takes as its argument a position (latitude, longitude) and returns an array of vehicles ( vehicle &   station) available within a radius of 400 meters.

The fields returned correspond to those requested. See vehicles & stations Interfaces for available fields.

Get vehicles & stations

In order to get stations details, we must use Inline Fragments GraphQL

Get vehicles with omitted providers

In order to optimize calls, it may be interesting to restrict the suppliers requested.
You can add a list of suppliers to be omitted as arguments.

Obtain vehicles from a single provider

Sometimes we want to retrieve data from only one or two providers. It may be easier to call supplier requests directly than to omit all requests except the ones you want.

Each providers call be called as a query.
Instead of using vehicles query, use the needed provider query like tier. In this case, it is simply necessary to make a GraphQL request with always the location in arguments.