A provider detail. A provider refer to a company or a service that rents vehicles.

nameStringProvider name
slugStringProvider slug, can be used as a key
websiteStringMain provider website
discountCodeStringDiscount code or link for registration or first ride
appOsLinkLink to mobile app
deepLinkOsLinkDeep link to mobile app
terms[Terms]Terms and conditions
licenseLicenseData's license
vehicleTypes[VehicleType]All available vehicle types
freefloatingVehiclesTypes[VehicleType]All free-floating available vehicle types
stationVehicleTypes[VehicleType]All available vehicle types in a station
carClasses[CarType]All available car types
enabledBooleanIs this provider enabled ? A provider could be temporary disabled (broken, break).
authorizedBooleanDo you have the authorization for this operator? If the value is false, this provider is unauthorized for this organization. If value is null, it could be authorized for some cities.